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5 years Soupi

Season 2021/2022


This winter it is not me anymore who is open and closing the window, "Adel" is this winterseason your Soupi master! After 4 years I want to try out how it is to franchise. This with the idea to open more Soupi`s in the future!


Welcome & thank you Adel

patato soupi.jpg

In Winterseason 2017 we realized our heart project Soupi!


Idea behind;

To offer a healthy & affordable take out meal in Zermatt.

What suits more then a hot soup on a cold winter day. It warms you up from within, strengthens health & awakens spirits.

A nurishing fit maker for the rest of the day  wich cause also figure conscious people smiling.


Standing outside with friends, falling snowflakes, spoon up Soupi, slarp Punch, chatter, laugh

Welcome to our Winter Cockaigne


Why soup?

"Keep it simple" for guests and for my self

"but good". That is what i thought!

I'm not a kitchen chef but a ex-bartender. Making soup is not far away from making a Cocktail.

But its warmer / healthier and cheaper!

Soup is something what everybody eats (drinks) not every day (some do!) but regularly.

Its a filling and warming up for a reasonable price.




Of cours we can do it our self and we do!

We make everything in the same place where we also sell the soup. you can see and smell the process of making the soups

This sells!


Part of the concept is to integrate the community of Zermatt.

We are cooking every week with somebody living or visiting Zermatt

The last seasons we were putting  people together with a particular profession.

This 5th winter season we decided to cook with random people of Zermatt, tourists or locals. This makes it not only more fun, but also more interactive.


“I live on good soup, not on fine words”

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