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Stay Hot and be Healthy

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We proudly present our Soups

Tomato – Soupi
8.50 CHF
Leek & Potato – Soupi
8.50 CHF
Special – Soupi
9.00 CHF



I`m not a kitchen chef but making soup is not far away from making Cocktail.

This was something i really liked to do in my formal job as a bartender. There are so many possibilities and combinations. But the ingredients wich may not be missing in each of our soups are: Passion & Proud.


What I love about soup is there incredible diversity. The whole world eats soup.

Its one of the most simplest dish but has the biggest diversity. Its tradition, super food and pur enjoyment united in a bowl.

We love to travel and the food was always a significant component of our journeys. That’s why an exotic soup sweeten up our sporadic wanderlust during the cold winter days in Zermatt.


Our gast chefs

Every weeks there is a special gast to cook with Soupi. After the Kitchen Chefs, Ski instructors and Bartenders we are cooking this Season with people in Zermatt. this can be a local, a tourist or seasonaire.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Fresh & made by our own hands

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